When an experiment with an unearthly stone goes terribly wrong, a family, victims of their own curiosity, struggles through time as each member adapts to their new abilities meeting both new friends and foes along the way. This is the beginning of the StormQuest Foundation. A team assembled to monitor and protect the ominous Timestorm.

Rebecca May LeBeck Time Stepper, Warren LeBeck Temblor, Jen LeBeck Soulfire, Andrew LeBeck Shrike, Kurt Emminger Barricade, Shalimar, Sir Edmund DaOrkney Brightblade, Pandora, Trimalion, RagTag & BobTail, One-Eye Jack The D.E.C.K.

Produced by SkyStorm Studio.

Created by Robert W. Hickey

Creators that have worked on this series include:
Robert W. Hickey, Greg Land, Bill Nichols, Jerry Foley, Willie Peppers, Brad Gorby

Associated Series Includes: