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Clay enters the Imaginarium as Kid Space Skull based on his Dad’s favorite 1950s comic book. He must enter the deadly maze of Seabeard’s castle and the catacombs below to find the old pirates’ treasure to get one of the pieces of the Imaginarium map.
Much like games that came before like Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, and Metroid Dread CHRONICLES of the IMAGINARIUM SEABEARDS TREASURE is a maze of twists and turns that reveal deadly villains from Lighting Bugs to Alien Huntarrs and of course Zombie Pirates.
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This is exciting to be creating our first video game. Be sure to follow our YouTube & Discord channels for updates.
– Robert W. Hickey

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A pencil test to see how our main character looks running with the power staff.

We created this comic book cover for the intro animation of the video game which features Clay on his bed reading his dad’s old comics.

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