A giant stone of immense power held the layers of time in sync since the universe itself was created. This stone was placed in the time stream to be protected.

The Time Lords watched and protected the stone through eternity until a sect of Rogue Time Lords wanted the stone for themselves and caused the stone to be shattered into hundreds of shards. The Rogues  escaped and vanished.

A force of “Guardians” were given the task to find each shard by the Time Lords with hopes that once the stone was joined back together the stone would be able to put time back into balance. The Rogues put together a group of their own to find the shards with promises of great powers.


Paradox Wars is the climax of everything that I’ve created within the SkyStorm Universe.

As the story moves forward we’ll be bringing in other characters such as HellGirl, Tempered Steele, and Savage Family as well as creating a few new ones including the Lost Squad and a few that I’m going to keep under wraps for now.”
– Robert W. Hickey

“Chris” Christiana Blood
, “Tam” Tamara Rose, Chronus (Time Lord), 

Produced by SkyStorm Studio.

Created by Robert W. Hickey

Creators that have worked on this series include:
Robert W. Hickey, Mitch Byrd, Uko Smith, Brad Gorby, Bill Nichols, Chris Dreier, Jerry Foley, Andy Kuhn, Joe Corroney, Renea DeLiz, Joel Cotejar

Associated Series Includes: