I’d like to introduce Clays Way and ourselves.

   My name’s Robert W. Hickey. I’m a comic book writer and artist, #1 Amazon Best Selling Novelist, and over the years have owned several comic book stores. I published the how-to magazine for comic artists titled Sketch Magazine and own a Retro Video Game store called Nostalgic Video Games in Northern Kentucky.

   My wife Katie worked hard at raising two boys that have ADHD and Dyslexia and, along with working a day job, made sure they both got the education we/they desire.

   Katie came up with the term “Learning Differences” which we believe sounds much better than learning disabilities.

  I came up with the concept of Clay’s Way and decided to feature a weekly comic strip based loosely on true events Katie and I have observed with both of our sons.

   We published over 140 comic strips online which we’re republishing here at SkyCraft Ent. Several of the strips where also published in the Flint Comix & Entertainment Newspaper. It was awesome seeing the strip in a newspaper.
I also created a comic book and gave it away at a Free Comic Book Day event but never offered it to the public until now.

  The Future for Clays Way I’m considering doing more weekly strips to lead into the video games that we are currently developing. Yes our first video game is featuring Clay as Kid Space Skull. The current title is Chronicles of the Imaginarium. We currently have a Steam page please hit it for us and stay here for future updates.

  Our family hopes you enjoy Clay’s Way.
take care,

Clay, Pan, 

Created by Robert W. Hickey

Creators that have worked on this series include:
Robert W. Hickey, Jackie Hernandez, Chris Dreier, Cindy Ramey
Guest Strips by Steve Stegelin & Chris Dreier

Associated Series Includes: