Hope LeBeck

Series: Blood & Roses / 1st appearance Blood & Roses #1

Age: 22, Height: 5′ 10″ Weight: 115 / Affiliations: MilaLaw officer

Hope is the daughter of Selene and Andrew LeBeck, Andrew is a member of StormQuest and was lost in the future when he met and married Selene. Hope joined the MilaLaw force at the ripe age of 19. After finally tracking down and witnessing the death of the notorious Eel and helping Blood & Rose find one of the Timestone. Hope quickly moved up in the ranks in the MilaLaw force.

At the age of 30, Hope quits the force and leaves with her daughter and son never to be heard from again. It is believed that the murder of her husband pushed her beyond the edge. It’s also believed that she joined the fight with Chris and Tam to find the lost Time shards.