Series: Blood & Roses / 1st appearance Blood & Roses #1

Age: ?, Height: 8′ 1″ Weight: 485 lbs Affiliations: Marta’s Rogues.

Very little is known about this race of predatory aliens except that they came to Earth following the desolation of the world during the Magi-Tech Wars. Seeing the planet as an ample landscape for their newfound “hunting grounds,” the Huntarr’s set forth re-populating the third planet of Sol with what they felt to be the ultimate Terran game, dinosaurs. Around the 2400’s the Huntarr race was making regular visits to Earth in order to hunt and enjoy themselves at the expense of the humans who were attempting to carve out a new way of life in this war-torn world. They seem to arrive in packs except for one that after an encounter with Blood & Rose is now nicknamed One-Eye. It’s not known why but a large pack of Huntarrs seems to have become bodyguards for Marta during the Paradox Wars.