The War is not going well. General Blood and General Rose along with their ragtag squads continued to counter the Rogues who are also hunting down the Time Shards.

But the Rogues are winning more battles then our heroes.

From the journal of Master General Blood…
“With each battle we lose a little more time. The time “shifts” are happening more often with the abuse of the time shards by the Rogues.
  They continue to build their forces with false promises that the time shards will bring each one of them great power..
  Our squads are doing their best with the odds they are facing in each confrontation.
  The Paradox Wars can not continue…  It must end now.”

Transmission end…
Master General Christiana Blood
Squad leader Alpha

Chris and Tamara Guardians of the Time-Stone finds themselves in a time that was predicted in past travels. A future where civilization barely survived and has started over using steam power and dinosaurs roam the world.A new Rogue called Skullface makes his first appearance becoming a major player for the Rogues.

Paradox Wars #1

story: Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols / art: Mitch Byrd, Robert W. Hickey, Bill Nichols / cover: Uko Smith 24 pages / Full Color / Comic Book Sized 6.75(8.25 x 10.10) Comic Soon Print & Digital

Series Cast…

Christiana Faye Blood

Tamara Elizabeth Rose

Marta aka The Mistress





Hope LeBeck

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