Tamara Elizabeth Rose

Series: Blood & Roses / 1st appearances: Blood & Roses Original Print

Age: 26, Height: 5′ 9″ Weight: 130 Affiliations: Elite Agent of the Timelords.

Tamara was a law officer from the future. Born 2183 in Cincinnatus, OH of the States of the United Forces. She was raised by two high ranking politicians. Tamara had her fill with politics and bureaucracy at an early age so straight out of school she attended the Military Police Academy becoming a MilaLaw officer. She wanted to “protect and serve” those whom she felt needed it but became discouraged with how the system operated, finding that bureaucratic “red tape” often barred her from doing her duty. She made an attempt at a happy life by marrying a young up-and-coming politician only to have him taken by an assassin’s bullet. Bouncing back in a vicious attempt to clean up the Cincinnatus criminal underbelly. Tam was approached by the Time-lords and unpretentiously resolved to become their prime agent with the understanding that she was to be given a chance to return to her extraction time to finish what she was doing.