Ursula Sketchbook



Ursula is the story of a young heroine trying to live up her family legacy as a Valkyrie-type and at the same time, live some kind of normal life. She has a natural aversion to the undead of all types, which are anathema to her. It’s unnatural to be dead but still walking around. Of course, this constantly puts her in situations where she must deal with those undead-of-all-types. Living in Sparta Bay will do that to you.

Gary Allen Barker, Neil D. Vokes, Steven Howard, Chris Noeth, Rudy Garcia, Fred Lang, Rupam, Jasmine Van Esch, Brian Robinson, Steve Lydic, Steven Howard, Ralf van der Hoeven, Casey D. Campbell, Kevin P. West, Katrina Joyner, Guillaume Prevost, Chris Meeks, Josh Heusinkveld, Andres Labrada, Edward Carr, Jaime Salangsang, Al Albury, Alan Gillispie, Daniela Morescalchi, Jim Craig, Gregory Forry, Christopher Chamberlain, Colby Ziglar, Terry Parr
Ursula Sketchbook/ Created edited by Bill Nichols / 24 pages / Color cover/ B&W interiors

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Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .10 in