Sketch Magazine #15 Jan Duursema


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The Comic Industry’s Trade Magazine! As the illustrator behind the Star Wars Episode II the comic Jane Duursema has taken this heavy responsibility head on with lightsaber blazing. Bringing to bear years of experience Jane has carved out a place for herself among the legion of Star Wars fans. Escaping momentarily from her heavy work schedule and nonstop fanfare Jane stops in with Sketch to discuss her contribution to continuing this epic story of galactic proportions and the thrill of having on of her own characters she designed appear in Star Wars Episode II. In addition Chuck Dixon How To Write Comics-When You Don’t Feel Like It, Mitch Byrd How To Draw: Putting the Characters in Their Place, Tom Bierbaum Art or Commerce, Chris Dreier w/ Jacob Papham Inking Basic Backgrounds, Pat Quinn Applying Perspective to Your Storytelling, Stephen Steinbach Animation 101: The Head Turn Assignment, Aaron Hubrich Digital Color: How to Make Quick Brick in Five Minutes.


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