Sketch Magazine #04 Michael Turner


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Known for his sexy women and his smooth sleek style Michael Turner is a name in the comic book industry that turns heads whenever mentioned. His pencilling work on Witchblade and Fathom as made him unanimous with great artwork and record sales. Find out about his motivation and work ethic in the feature interview of Sketch #4. Ward Leroc gives a tour on Digital Lettering on how to use and manipulate word sound effects to maximize their effect with the flow of the comic. See the first installment of the ongoing article of Survivor: The Creation of a Comic Book by Bob Hickey. Journey along and find out if it will survive? That and more in the pages of Sketch #4.

Feature Interview Michael Turner, Beau Smith The Rolodex of Power, Flint Henry Designing an Ogre, Tom Bierbaum Thoughts on Scripting Comic Books, Mike Maydak Comics and the Internet, Bob Hickey Survivor: The Creation of a Comic Book

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