Parts Unknown 06: Hostile Takeover #2




Issue Two: “Deadly Merger”

Lucci infiltrates Lanson Corp. in an undercover move and what she uncovers is a Scalon nest like the world has never seen. One she has to shoot her way out of. But it’s not just the Scalons that Spurr and Lucci are up against. Lanson has enlisted the help of Cynthia Barr the beautiful and deadly human traitor and master manipulator of the media. Cynthia has orchestrated a plan for the Scalons, Lanson in particular, to capture new anchor, Sarah Lark, who the Scalons seek as perfect breeder for a new hybrid race.

Parts Unknown Hostile Takeover #2 by Beau Smith & Brad Gorby / 32 pages / Color cover B&W Interiors / standard comic size

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