Parts Unknown 05: Hostile Takeover #1




Issue One: “A Corporate Killing”

  The first time the Scalons attacked they did it with brute force. This time they seek to use our own network and human structure to conquer us. Having perfected their transformation pattern, The Scalons have taken over one of the largest data corporations in the world, The Lanson Corporation. Headed by the mysterious Miles Lanson.
After the last attack, the government has constructed a special task force division to take on The Scalons. Pendleton Spurr and Maria Lucci are their top agents because of their experience in dealing with The Scalons.
Spurr and Lucci must go undercover to investigate if there are Scalon roots to Lanson Corp. What they will find will shock them and the world.

Parts Unknown Hostile Takeover #1 by Beau Smith & Brad Gorby / 32 pages / Color cover B&W Interiors / standard comic size.

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