Parts Unknown 01: Invasion #1




Issue One: “Terror Is Skin Deep”

Pendelton Spurr and Maria Lucci are members of an elite division of the Chicago Police Department and both are recovering alcholics. They handle special covert operation cases that are “off file”. Their latest case involves abductions, mutilations and murder. Young , healthy women have been abducted in Chicago at an alarming rate with no ransom demands. These abductions are tied in with the murder/mutilations of young, healthy men. Surgical super skills have been used for organ removal of the men as well as all skin being taken.
As Spurr and Lucci dive deep into this case, they find that these crimes are all tied together and they aren’t being done by a serial killer or even a group of serial killers. It’s being done by aliens—from another planet! These reptilian/humanoid creatures are called Scalons.
In this first issue, Spurr and Lucci confront the Scalons for the first time and begin to learn of the true horror of their reason for coming to Earth. To breed with Earth women, farm human organs and create a new hybrid race to insure their new “Other World Order” .
Parts Unknown Invasion 1 by Beau Smith & Brad Gorby / 32 pages / Color cover B&W Interiors / standard comic size.

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