A timestorm rips a group of school kids and their teacher from the present into the longest field trip ever as they are hurtled into the prehistoric past. Gaining powerful abilities from the shard of the Time Stone, the group must learn to deal with their powers and survive in the age of the dinosaurs…and still do their homework.

created: Robert W. Hickey, Bill Nichols / written: Bill Nichols / art: Dan Ng / cover: Brad Gorby Robert W. Hickey
32 pages / Full Color / One-Shot / Comic Book Sized (6.75 x 10.10)
Digital $1.99 Print $3.99

Series Cast…

Ms. Santo aka Link

Kevin aka Focus

Anoinette aka Sonique

Dimitri aka Time Lord

Mariko aka Precog

Reg aka Reckless

Alexander aka Pookie

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