Q: Does Afterburn offer internships?
A: Afterburn does not currently offer any intern positions. But, we’ll announce on our web site soon when we do start taking applications for internship positions.


Q: Where do I send my submissions?
A: You don’t at this time.


Q: Will Afterburn ever do work for any other comic book companies?
A: We want to focus on the production of the titles we currently have scheduled for the immediate future, but will not rule out any possibility of working with any other comic book company down the road.


Q: Where can I go to purchase books from Afterburn?
A: Afterburn comics are primarily sold in comic book specialty shops. To find a comic book shop near you, we recommend using Diamond Comics Distributors’ free Comic Book Store Locator. Also, please check your local phone book for a listing of bookstores near you or call 1-888-Comic-Book or you can go to our online store afterburnpress.com for all your Afterburn needs.


Q: Are any Afterburn titles in film or video game development?
A: Several of our other properties are in negotiations to become a live action or animated feature, as well as video games.


Q: Will there be any company type crossovers?
A: Currently, the SkyStorm titles share the same universe and will offer the ability to do crossovers within it’s titles.


Q: How often is the Afterburn website updated?
A: We try to make every effort to have our site updated as often as possible. We do not have a set time for our updates but will make changes the moment we have new art or information to share with the fans.


Q: Does Afterburn offer any type of subscription services?
A: Unfortunately, Afterburn does not offer any type of subscription services. You can visit afterburnpress.com to purchase the latest Afterburn products, or check with a local comic book store in your area to see if they can provide you with the Afterburn products you’re looking to purchase.


Q: Are Afterburn titles available in digital format?
A: Yes you can purchase downloads directly from afterburnpress.com or from comixology.com, drivethrucomics.com mydigitalcomics.com and on Amazon Kindle.